Comissions anyone?

2011-02-17 15:40:03 by Pohmme-d-adham

Hi there,
just wanted to inform you, if you're interested in my art, write a comment or a PM with your idea.
I do traditional art (etching, copic-marker, black/white-stuff, tatoodesigns, shirtdesigns, pencilwork, maybe acrylics on canvas)
My digital art isn't quite good, but if you like it and want some, PM me. :)


I am back!

2010-11-05 17:11:09 by Pohmme-d-adham

Hey guys, The last months I haven't so much time for this account here on NG. So for now, I try to upload more things. See you!

Oh wow, frontpaged again? Man, your so nice! Thanks. :)

I don't excepted to become featured with my work. :D Especially for the short time I've been here now.

Thanks. Made me happy :)

NewYear's coming

2009-12-23 18:57:44 by Pohmme-d-adham

Yeah, finally back to dresden. Now new on this site, why not? Tomorrow will be Christmas-day, whee... Who cares. NewYears-Day brings more fun ;)